Tinkling Toadstools - New Colors
These unique English designs look charming in a natural setting, among woodland plants, shrubbery, rock gardens and water features. When used in close groupings, they create a tinkling sound when the wind blows. Colorful glazed ceramic caps are separate from the unglazed stems so they can sway and tinkle in the breeze. Weatherproof.

Comes in various shades of brown and black with foamy spots.

Large: 21" stem, cap 5" high X 4-1/2" wide
Medium: 16" stem, cap 4-1/4" high X 3-3/4" wide
Small: 11" stem, cap 3-1/4" high X 2-3/4" wide

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Large Tinkling Toadstool > $18.95
Medium Tinkling Toadstool > $12.95
Small Tinkling Toadstool > $6.95
Set of 3 (Sm, Med, Lg) Tinkling Toadstools > $36.95

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