Blank Seed Paper Sheets

We offer many types of blank seed paper sheets ready for whatever project you have, large or small. They are available with different seed mixes and colors. Below you will find them broken down by type to make it easier to find the right seed paper sheet for your particular project. Sizes range from 8.5"x11 to large 23"x35" parent sheet sizes.

ORIGINAL SEED PAPER: This perennial favorite is rich in color and texture and is available in 22 different colors featuring our wildflower seed mix. It has a high >75% germination rate and is best suited for shapes and integrated products.

PREMIUM SEED PAPER: This seed paper is thick and textured, but smooth enough for consistent printing and is our highest germinating seed paper. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit most situations. We stock this paper in white wildflower mix, herb mix and our new plant positivity mix. We also offer it in 5 premium printable seed paper colors with our wildflower seed mix.

SIGNATURE SEED PAPER: A smooth natural white seed paper embedded with wildflower seeds that works well with a variety of printers. It has a high 50%-70% germination rate and is available in several sizes.

OFFSET-PRINTABLE, ECONOMY SEED PAPER: This paper is manufactured specifically for offset printing and comes in both 8.5"x11" and a large 23"x35" parent sheet size. Although these sheets are packed with visible wildflower seeds and convey an eco-friendly natural message, this paper will not grow like our other handmade seed paper sheets, as most of the seeds will be crushed during the printing process. If needing a paper that germinates when planted, select our premium or signature stock instead.

VEGETABLE, HERB AND SPECIALTY SEED PAPER: We also offer a variety of stock seed papers containing vegetable, herb and specialty seed mixes in a variety of colors.